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Potential Development

RANCHO GASPAREÑO – Luxury Beachfront Baja Sur Land For Sale.

THE PROPERTY: Approximately forty two acres of gentle sloping luxury beachfront Baja Sur land on the Pacific Coast of Mexico between Todos Santos, (20 miles) and Cabo San Lucas, (21 miles) Baja California Sur.   Approximately 414 meters (1,242  lineal feet) of rocky point and gentle beach comprise the water frontage.   The federal four lane highway 19, runs through the property creating three distinct development areas; a knoll above the rocky point for boutique hotel and restaurants; gentle sloping land from beach to highway ideal for shopping village or other commercial venture; and approximately twenty four acres across the highway with sloping water and mountain views, ideal for residential or retirement village and possible small emergency clinic.



PARCEL A  has a total of 27,015 square meters,  (approximately 6.6 acres) with nearly 600 lineal feet of water frontage.   This is the crown jewel with a gigantic rock promontory which soars 100 feet above the sea.  Views are tremendous and extend for miles in each direction.   Highest and best use of this portion is a small hotel, restaurants and other lodging with good highway access  and ample space for parking.

PARCEL B. consists of approximately 28,191 square meters with about 640 lineal feet of fine sandy beach.  This portion can be ideal for bungalows and commercial with about 600 feet of highway frontage.  Activities for the entire family can be included here, including tennis, pitch and putt golf, swimming, water slide, wine /tequila tasting and also an emergency clinic for Todos Santos-Pescadero folks.

PARCEL C  is approximately 20,000 square meters and is currently
not for sale since seller is constructing a personal residence on this
parcel. Parcel B may be larger or smaller once the survey is

PARCEL D, overlooking the sea,  has 115,944 square meters (approximately 24 acres) with about 1200 feet fronting the four-lane Federal Highway 19.   The gentle slope on this portion allows for panoramic views of the sea to the southwest and the mountains to the northeast.   It is ideal for high-density development as an aging in place community with full services.

HIGHWAY and RETURN ACCESS:   A bridge and arroyo on the Northern side of the property provide an ideal pass through and safe turn around for the highway.    Developer to permit access for this project.    There is outstanding highway access and more than one half mile of frontage total on the upper and lower properties

ELECTRICITY:  Available and lines can be run from Cerritos Beach, 9.6 miles away.

WATER:  One well exists on the property and concessions are pending for agricultural usage.   A desalinization plant will be required by state authorities for commercial and residential  development.   High technology is readily available.

SOLAR  ENERGY;  With more than 360 days of sunshine per annum, Baja California Sur boasts of more solar sophistication than anywhere outside Israel.  Most of the properties in the vicinity and on the same latitude on the Sea of Cortez boast of being “off the grid” with advanced solar technology available.  Excess energy produced by the installed systems can be sold to the electric company.

INTERNET, CELL COMMUNICATIONS:    The Baja Peninsula in this area enjoys outstanding internet and cellular communications.

TITLES:   Property is free and clear of liens and encumbrances.   Titles in the name of a Mexican corporation and one portion in a bank trust (fideicomiso).  The property has been held under one ownership for more than thirty years.

LOCATION:   Approximately half way between the Magic Town of Todos Santos, art colony and picturesque and cultural village and fabled Cabo San Lucas, this property is ideally located as a stopping point and day trip from either town and from La Paz, historic capital of the state.   The Sierra de la Laguna, highest point in the area provides outstanding hiking and hature activities.    Gaspareno Point, an underwater canyon off shore attracts migrating grey whales due to the plankton in the water.  Incredible sea activity and views during the migration season.

The Point at Rancho Gaspareno: Rendering Concept – Destination Boutique Hotel and Restaurant